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Your restaurant and situation is unique. That’s why we begin with an in-depth situational analysis of your concept, menu, systems, processes and routines. We analyze each cost and revenue center to uncover where savings can be captured and where your profits will be maximized. It’s critical that we fully understand how you operate today in order to move forward to better profits. Whether fine dining or fast food we have the restaurant consultant experience, expertise and advice to help you achieve your goals. We specialize in and serve the Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego areas.

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Food Quality in Restaurants Requires attention to Every Detail from Everyone

If you’ve worked in a restaurant, and I’m betting you have if you’re reading this article you undoubtedly have come to the crossroads of quality vs. food cost.get great food quality from your restaurant employees

Making the choice of quality vs. food cost is an everyday battle that all owners and operators face.READ MORE

Looking for Talented People? Restaurant consultants advise taking a closer look at your current employees.

Article by Restaurant  Advisor – Brad Andersonrestaurant advisor tips on customer service and training

If you look around at your employees and feel you want them to have better talents and skills, forget about replacing them. Instead, invest in them and their skills so that they become more talented and skillful. When you doREAD MORE

Restaurant Advisor – The Food Cost Formula, 10 Strategies for Controlling Food Cost

Here are 10 great strategies you can use for managing food costs in your restaurant:

food cost formula for managing restaurant food costs

1)  Shop around and compare prices from a variety of vendors. The key will be to follow up on the negotiated price in your accounting process.

2)  Insist that a manger checksREAD MORE


Do you need a Restaurant Marketing Plan? Restaurant Consultant Shares all …

restaurant marketing ideas by restaurant consultantIf your tables are full every day, you probably don’t need one (unless, of course, you’d like to make a bigger profit). Simply put, a restaurant marketing plan is a plan for success. If you agree that you need a restaurant marketing plan and areREAD MORE